Graphic Services

Visual Identity

Clothes make a man. Graphics make a brand. What’s on the outside won’t tell us everything – perhaps someone poorly dressed hides unknown qualities, perhaps a company is great in what it does and simply doesn’t know how to present itself properly. But let’s be honest – the first impression is important. Very important.

Stylish dresses and visual identity both require a few key traits: They must clearly show who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer. They must immediately capture attention and not let it go, for your potential customers will judge everything based on the first impression. If it’s great, all your other work will appear a little bit better in their eyes too. And vice versa.

Having a stellar product is essential. Just as essential as making people interested in it.

Design & Redesign

Logo is the first messenger of a product or a company. It must be catchy, so that a potential client firmly associates it with your identity and thinks about you every time they see it somewhere. It must be strong and able to stand on its own, but also naturally fit your overall visuals. As with everything in life, there must be balance.

Tastes of customers change and designs age, though. The art constantly moves forward and even a great logo can go out of fashion.

Yet not everything is lost. Sometimes, all that is needed is to fix a few details or change the colour scheme and the logo can shine once again. Other times it will be necessary to design an entirely new one.

You can leave both to our specialists. Each logo is a unique challenge for us, one that we will gladly face.

Promotional Items

A business must keep its fans close, build a relationship with them. It must become a part of their lives, be something that they can be proud of and identify with.

This is where promotional items come into play. Pens, coffee mugs, t-shirts… anything that your clients use all the time and which can become a part of their daily routine. The more they see something connected with your company, the higher the chance of them coming back to you. Better yet, each of these items is also a piece of self-sustaining advertisement that many people will naturally encounter.

We offer designs specifically tailored to your needs for all kinds of promotional items, including highly specific ones. We place a special care on their mutual harmony, so that they function both alone and together as a whole.