Jiří Vašina: „To me, the partnership is a path towards my dreams.“

Jiří Vašina, kayaker in body and soul, 9th man of Czech competitive ladder, 6th man of 2019 Czech Championship and 3rd in U23 at the 2017 Championship. His partnership with Durt Design came to be as a chance occurrence, and yet became fateful and to this day helps him achieve his dreams and plans.

Jiří's sport career

As a child, Jiří tried many different sports, but none came closer to his heart than kayking. In 2007, he unexpectedly got to try it thanks to a friend. „After just a few minutes of sitting in the kayak, I knew that it was something truly extraordinary,“ remembers Jiří.  Such feelings are rare only come a few times in one's life. „I was immediately certain that it will remain my passion for a long time,“ he adds. Today, almost fourteen years later, living without kayaking seems unimaginable to Jiří. „Sport is an immense gift and joy to me,“ he smiles.