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Teamwork. Businessman and businesswoman sitting at table in coffee shop and discuss business plan. On table is laptop, tablet, smartphone, notebook, cup of coffee.Business meeting of partners in cafe.

We do business
by shaking hands


We create a brand for people
not people for the brand

Good visuals are essential. If you capture your potential client’s attention immediately, they will be much more likely to use your services. This applies not just to your website, but also to your logos and your entire graphic identity at large.

Your self-presentation should be original and vigorous, make it clear who you are and what one should expect from you. A picture is more than a thousand words – and great graphics are by themselves a sign of strength and competence of your brand.

We prefer complex and harmonious solutions and put special care into ensuring that each piece and element serves the higher whole and underlines the overall tone and nature of our client’s companies.

Video is the best kind of content. It has everything – lush visuals, a stream of information, great music. A commercial with a story will unite your advertising and your viewer’s entertainment into a mutually beneficial package. You won’t need to send an amazing video to customers – they will be sending it to each other.

Creating a great ad isn’t simple, though. It takes experience, proper equipment, access to licensed music and other such tools that most companies do not possess.

It’s much easier to let a professional team bring your vision to perfection. We have a history of collaboration with big players such as MANA, so you can rest assured that you will be in the best hands possible.

Working on a brand is quite simple these days. If you are not on the net, you don’t exist. Most people spend hours a day behind a screen – why not use this time and make yourself known?

Strong online presence will increase the exposure of your company and your products much more efficiently than any billboard or TV ad ever could. A potential client sees those only once in a while, but on the internet, they can be in contact with your content constantly.

Properly set up online marketing will allow you to target specifically the groups with the most interest in your firm. We will make sure that your campaign is perfectly optimised and exceeds all of your expectations.

A good text must capture your attention instantly. It must be clear and snappy, devour the reader and not let them go. Just like the one you are reading right now. 

No one wants to crawl through a wall of text taller than their screen, especially if it’s boring. Just try counting how often you close a page because the first sentence didn’t impress you. And on the other hand, how often you keep reading something you weren’t originally interested in it until the end, thanks to it being written in an engaging way.

Getting texts right requires both intuition and experience, but it’s essential for the success of any real project. Leave it to our professional copywriters, and you will be one step closer to realizing your vision.

Jiří Vašina: „To me, the partnership is a path towards my dreams.“

Jiří Vašina, kayaker in body and soul, 9th man of Czech competitive ladder, 6th man of 2019 Czech Championship and 3rd in U23 at the 2017 Championship. His partnership with Durt Design came to be as a chance occurrence, and yet became fateful and to this day helps him achieve his dreams and plans.

Jiří's sport career

As a child, Jiří tried many different sports, but none came closer to his heart than kayking. In 2007, he unexpectedly got to try it thanks to a friend. „After just a few minutes of sitting in the kayak, I knew that it was something truly extraordinary,“ remembers Jiří.  Such feelings are rare only come a few times in one's life. „I was immediately certain that it will remain my passion for a long time,“ he adds. Today, almost fourteen years later, living without kayaking seems unimaginable to Jiří. „Sport is an immense gift and joy to me,“ he smiles.